13/10/17 - KVS BRUSSELS


Every year a person, an enterprise, a government agency or a measure is awarded the “prestigious” Big Brother Award. This award is named after the character in George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984).

As a yearly tradition the Flemish League for Human rights and her partners hand out the Big Brother Awards in Flanders. Who wins this shameful price of biggest privacy-offender of the year? A professional jury as well as the broad public (you!) decide who receives the award.

Why BBA’s? Even though privacy is a fundamental human right, we see the number of privacy-issues grow everyday. Raising awareness on this matter is one of the main goals of the Flemish League for Human rights.

During the event, before the awards are handed out, we organize ‘privacy salons’: animated debates on the 4 nominees. Different opinions on the nomination are aired and discussed by defenders, contestants and the public, supervised by a moderator. Everything about the evening you can find here.


This edition was made possible through a constructive collaboration between these partners:

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